How to Cover Faded Microblading

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We’ve all seen the crisp, clean results of freshly microbladed brows, but only those who’ve had the treatment will know that it takes maintenance to keep it that way. As with any semi-permanent make up treatment, your microblading will fade over time, resulting in an orange or salmon toned shade left behind. It’s not easy to completely remove this colour (usually a course of laser treatments are required), but it’s easier than you might think to cover it up – even without make up.

Why does microblading fade?

Although microblading is a form of tattooing, it’s not implanted as deeply into the skin as a traditional tattoo. The procedure is carried out using a hand held tool, rather than a machine, delivering pigment to the epidermal/dermal junction. The pigment will naturally fade away over time, but factors such as using skincare acids and retinol regularly, having oily skin or being out in the sun can speed up this process. Additionally, having low iron can be a contributing factor: the pigment is often iron oxide-based, causing the body to absorb the iron it craves. Top up treatments are recommended every 12-18 months to avoid this. 

How can I cover faded microblading?

If you’re not going ahead with any top up treatments, you’ll find you’re left with a shadow where there was once crisp hair strokes. Until recently, the only way to cover this was with make up. Using a slim brow pencil in light, hair stroke motions through the brow can help to recreate that microbladed look. For any discolouration that fall outside of your brow shape, you can clean this up with concealer and a flat, brow highlighter brush

However, that’s no longer your only option. Brow lamination is the latest eyebrow treatment craze to take social media by storm. It’s a process similar to a lash lift that involves breaking down the bonds in the brow hairs and then resetting them in your desired position, often a fluffy, brushed up finish. 

As part of our BrowSculpt treatment, we teach stylists to use lamination as a corrective treatment, as well as creating on-trend finishes. This allows your brow stylist to establish symmetry in uneven brows, control unruly brows, or even set hairs in a position to cover faded tattoo. Not only does this allow you to cover the hairs, you’ll get the benefits that you probably got microblading for in the first place: fuller looking brows and a quicker morning routine. The results last up to 6 weeks and as it’s not a semi-permanent make up procedure, there’s no healing time or worries of colour fade. 

Ready to give BrowSculpt a try? You can find your local stylist here.

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