How to Get Brows Like Kim K

3rd Dec 2018 | By Ellie Gaudiosi

How to get Kim Kardashian eyebrows


To really get the KKW look, you’ll need to give your brows a more curved shape rather than angular. Attempting to change your brow shape at home is a no-no. Always leave brow shaping to the professional – find your nearest HD Brows Stylist here.

When it comes to the size and the thickness, they are more on the slim to medium size, which makes it a really achievable look for most of us! When she wants to go for a fuller look, Kim reaches for make up to defined her look.

Find your finish

Luckily, there are several ways to recreate Kim Kardashian’s brow look. I would start by finding the product that works best for you and your brows, whether it be a crème, pencil or powder.

When doing an ombre look, the key is that the tail of the brow needs to be the darkest and most defined part. You can then gradually blend towards the front of the brow, leaving it light and almost make up free. Always start applying your makeup to the tail first to make sure you nail this look.

How to get Kim's brow look with powder or pomade

If the HD Brow Creme or Eye & Brow Palette is your product of choice, take a small amount onto your Fine Angled Brush and start to define the brow from the tail to arch. Once this has been done, avoid applying anymore make up to your brush. Simply use whatever’s left on the brush to fill in the arch to bulb section. Softly blending traces of products through the front of the brow give that gradual ombre effect.

How to get Kim's brow look with a brow pencil

Can’t live without your brow pencil? Whether it’s a traditional pencil like the Brow Define or a retractable one such as the Browtec, you can still get the Kim Kardashian look. Starting at the tail of the brow to build up colour and definition. Once you get to the arch, you’ll need to gradually lightening the pressure you use when applying the pencil until there’s barely any pressure applied at the front.

Just like so many of us, Kim has been on a brow journey to reach the perfected arches she’s sporting today.

The same as many of you guys reading this Kim has also been on a brow journey and hasn’t always had the perfected arches she’s rocking today. Don’t give up trying to achieve your brow goals; it is possible, especially with an HD Brows Stylist on hand to help. And you can always fake it ’til you make it with a little makeup.

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