How to Get Brows Like Taylor Hill

16th Jan 2020 | By Georgia Rayner
Close up photo of Taylor Hill

Ever wanted to know how to get brows like a Victoria’s Secret angel? Well, now is your chance. American model Taylor Hill is known for her bushy brows. Her fabulously full brows helped to catapult her career, making her the face of British Vogue in 2017 and the youngest angel to grace the VS catwalk.

In an interview with Byrdie, Taylor explained that the secret to her fluffy brows is to not touch them; no waxing, no plucking. Don’t spend your nights trying to pluck that one annoying hair and instead, let them grow and leave hair removal to the professionals:“I don’t touch them. At all.”

Learning from the mistakes of her mother, whose full brows began to thin after years of over plucking, young Taylor was warned to steer clear of the tweezers: “My mom’s eyebrows started thinning and she’s like ‘Don’t touch them ever! Don’t let anyone touch them! They’ll fall out!’ So, she never let me touch my eyebrows when I was a kid and I got made fun of for having a unibrow, but here I am!”

If you’ve also been blessed with naturally full eyebrows, it’s easy to get the look. Simply brush through your brows with a tinted eyebrow gel to keep them in place all day long.

Image: @taylor_hill

Getting fluffy brows without the hair

Now that fluffy brows are all the rage, those of us with sparse brows can feel like we’ll never achieve perfectly full arches like Taylor. However, do not underestimate the power of make up. Start by lightly creating your fuller brow shape using a slim eyebrow pencil or light eyebrow powder (FYI – powders are making a huge comeback in 2020). Remember to be really light handed; we’re adding a base shadow, not filling in the brows.

To get that naturally fluffy look, you then need to add hair strokes in those sparse gaps. For this, there’s really nothing like the Pro Pencil. This innovative pencil is sharpened using the specially designed Pro Shaper,  allowing you to get an ultra-fine tip that creates the most realistic looking hair strokes.

Image: @taylor_hill

It’s as easy as that – the guide to getting full brows like Taylor Hill consists of simply putting down those tweezers and investing in the right brow make up.

Header image:  @taylor_hill 

Written By: Georgia Rayner

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