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In the run up to your wedding there’s 101 things to think about. However, one of the most important parts is that the bride feels beautiful on her big day. It isn’t just down to the dress or the hairstyle. That’s why you brows are a something to be thinking about and planning as well. Eyebrows completely frame the face, so its super important to start your brow journey in advance.

The HD Brows treatment is ideal for brides as the bespoke service prides itself on creating tailor made brows to suit the individual. Your local HD Brow stylist will do a full consultation to understand your needs and then over a set amount of treatments create your desired Brows.

The countdown is on!

1 year – 6 months to go

Now’s the time to bin your tweezers; DIY browing is no longer allowed. Head to our salon finder and locate your local HD Brows Stylist. Ask to see your Stylist prior to your first appointment. This way you will get to meet them, pick up a patch test and explain your ideas for how you would like your brows to be on the big day.

This is also when you can pick up a Lash & Brow Booster. The transparent growth serum is a must have for any bride-to-be. Used twice daily, it will stimulate hair growth and give your brows a kickstart ahead of your HD journey.

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6 months to go

The day of your first HD Brows treatment has arrived! You’ve been strongly fighting the urge start plucking your brows yourself. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised how many hairs will grow in once you completely stop tweezing.

Your treatment will start with a detailed consultation. From here, you and your Stylist can decide on the journey your brows are about to take. They can give you a realistic idea of what can be achieved the big day and how often you’ll need to book in for the treatment.

You’ll most like be put on a regrowth programme, meaning you have areas of the brow that are needed to grow in.

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3 months to go

Now that you’re a few treatments into your programme, you’re probably starting to see some impressive results. Those areas you thought would never grow in are finally starting to come through and fill out- hooray!

Brow Beater is the perfect product to use daily after your Lash & Brow Booster. This clear gel will set the brows in place whilst conditioning the hairs at the same time. Plus, if some of your hairs are growing back a little unruly, it will train them to grow in place.

It’s now a great time to ask your stylist to show you the different brow products HD Brows have to offer. It gives you time to start testing them out and see what will work on the day with your skin type and your style.

We’d also recommend getting all your appointments booked in up until the wedding day. It’s one less thing to thing about and something else to tick off your to-do list.

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1 month to go

The big day is coming up fast, so this is pretty hectic time for you! However, your HD Brows appointments have been booked for a while now and your Stylist will have almost created your dream brows.

If you’ve fallen in love with a particular brow product, now is the time to purchase it for use on the big day! If you’re doing your own make up, you Stylist will be more than happy to give you some top tips for filling in your brows.

Got a make up artist but worried they might not be able to achieve the same look as your Stylist? Take some pictures of your brows after your HD Brows treatment and send it to them ahead of the wedding, so they can get an idea of the look they need to recreate.

Lots of HD Brows Stylists are also trained make up artists, so might even be with you on the day to ensure you have the perfect brows.

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4 to 5 days to go

Its time for your final HD Brows treatment before you walk the aisle. The run up to the wedding can be stressful but we recommend having your final treatment a few days prior. This will allow enough time for any redness to go down and the skin to return to its natural condition. They will still be in perfect shape on the day too.

On the day

If you’re going for a subtle make up look, the HD Brows Pro Pencil is ideal. It’s ultra-fine tip creates the most realistic looking hair strokes. On the other hand, if you’re more of a power brow fan, the Brow Creme will create a statement brow that won’t budge. Finally, the Brow Colourfix will set the hairs in place all day long while adding some colour for a fuller appearance.

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