How to Get the Love Island Brow Looks

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Selfie of Siannise

Here at HD HQ, we are all addicted to the new season of Love Island. What better way to get through these dark winter nights than with a daily dose of South African sun? We also can’t get enough of the islanders eyebrow looks this year. From full and fluffy to perfect power brows, there’s a trend for everyone. Here are some of our favourites and how you can get the look yourself.

How to get brows like Love Island’s Siannise

On entering the villa, Siannise described her brows as her favourite feature and we can see why. Known to her friends as ‘Eyebrow Queen’, Siannise rocks a super full and fluffy brow that’s bang on trend: “Siannise opts for more of a flatter boy brow.  They’re my personal favourites in the villa,” says Lead Brow Stylist, Jamie Long.

“This look is created by having very little arch and keeping the thickness of the brow roughly the same all the way across. Use a slim brow pencil, such as Browtec, to fill any sparse areas with a hair stroke effect. Finish with a coating of a tinted brow gel (I love Brow Colourfix) to help add fullness and complete this textured look.”

Image: @siannisefudge

How to get brows like Love Island’s Shaughna

The power brow is a favourite look among the islanders this year and Shaughna is definitely one of our favourites. She creates a strong, neat finish that is defined to perfection. 

“Shaughna opts for a colour darker than her hair to add that extra definition. Brow Crème is perfect for creating this bold, statement brow,” recommends Jamie. “Start by using a Fine Angled Brow Brush to build up the shape of your brows, using soft, hair-like strokes to keep it as natural as possible.”

Heading for some winter sun? Jamie explains why this is the perfect poolside glam look: “The water resistant formula of Brow Crème would be a must have in the villa or at any pool party to ensure you’re brow-ready all day long.”

Image: @shaughnaphillips

How to get brows like Love Island’s Nas

Nas understands the importance of brows and we can’t help but agree: “I feel like eyebrows make or break a face. If you have nice, shapely, on point eyebrows, then you’re doing alright.” He’s so brow obsessed that he even described his type as women with “tanned, brunette, nice eyebrows”. 

“Nas is sporting the best male brows in villa, hands down,” says Jamie. “He’s lucky, as his brows are naturally full and grow in a uniformed manner. The bulb of his brows grows upwards and adds some great texture. A clear brow gel such as Brow Beater is all Nas will need to groom his eyebrows to perfection.” 

Is Nas is giving you brow envy but you don’t have the natural hair growth? “Products like Brow Colourfix add colour, a fuller texture and set brows in place in a totally natural looking way. If you want to add even more fullness, our Pro Pencil creates the most realistic looking hair strokes.”

Image: @nas_jm

Which islander’s brows are you favourites? Let us know in the comments below.

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