How to Tailor the HD Brows Treatment for Every Client

12th Sep 2019 | By Ellie Gaudiosi
HD Brows treatment

Have you found yourself wondering what treatment to give your clients in-between their full HD Brows appointments? Ever wished you had a faster version of the HD Brows treatment or that you could tweak the steps to suit your client’s needs? Well, you can and the answer is HD Brows Express.

What is this treatment?

The HD Brows Express treatment is a condensed version of our signature brow treatment. It allows you to tailor steps of the treatment to your client’s requirements. It’s that simple! We understand that clients don’t always have the time for the full HD experience every time or they simply may not need it. HD Brows Express ensures that you’re able to offer every client a bespoke service every time. 

How do I carry out the treatment?

There’s no set rules to HD Brows Express. Whatever your client needs, they get. You could give clients with fast re-growth a thread to tidy up in between appointments, a tint and wax to those in a hurry – the possibilities are endless.

As well as allowing you to offer a truly bespoke service, HD Brows Express is highly beneficial for your business. Eyebrows are super important and clients want to know that they’re visiting a trusted, reliable expert. However, the rise of shopping-centre-brow-bars and ‘£5 eyebrow’ deals have seen clients tempted by cheaper offers and faster treatment times, often with disastrous results to their beloved brows. By offering HD Brows Express, your clients have the best of both worlds; a quicker, more affordable treatment by a fully qualified and highly trained eyebrow expert. Plus, by offering HD Brows Express over ‘tint and wax’ or ‘eyebrow threading’, it allows you to have a wide variety of eyebrow treatments while still using the HD Brows branding, marketing assets and recognised name. Win win!

What are you waiting for? Add HD Brows Express to your treatment menu today, and no, you don’t need to attend any further training to do so. Don’t forget, your account manager is on hand if you ever need any help – feel free to give them a call on 0113 224 7908.

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