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We love to see women supporting one another and we think all our Stylists are a perfect example of this. From social media to the Facebook Collective Group, you’re all so supportive of each other as you all grow your businesses.

As it’s #InternationalWomensDay, we decided it was the perfect time to celebrate girl power by sharing the inspirational stories from some of our very own HD wonder women.

Emily Abberley – HD Brows Master Stylist

“I first started to hear about HD Brows in 2010. I was intrigued but couldn’t afford the training and thought it wouldn’t benefit me as I already offered a brow tint & wax, so I carried on doing my thing. In 2014, I took the plunge and wished I had done it sooner. My business took off; recently I had to close my diary to new clients as the amount of new enquiries has been overwhelming!

My personal life has been extremely tough over the past two years. In March 2016, my eldest brother passed away, followed by my father in February 2017 and my other brother in February 2018. It has been tough.

Through all this, my clients have been extremely supportive and are waiting for me to return back to work. When clients find a good therapist, they will stay loyal to you. Over the years of offering a service to someone, you create a lovely relationship. I look forward to returning back to work and seeing all my clients again.

Being a part of the HD Brows team gives me a huge passion and love for what I do. It is so rewarding in so many ways and is a great pleasure to be a Master Stylist, offering my services to clients who want to feel good and pamper themselves. It makes a difference not just in their appearance, but in their lives too. That’s what matters.”

Cora Austin – HD Brows Stylist

“This year has definitely been the Year of the Woman for me! I’m a single mother of 4 beauties and I’ve just opened my own salon. I’m so proud of what I have achieved and think it’s a great example for my kids. It was tough going but so worth it.

Eve Marshall – HD Brows Master Stylist

“I trained with HD Brows six years ago. I loved everything about doing the treatment and built up a busy clientele, but I never had the confidence to push myself to do the Pro Class or even think about the Master Class.

My mother was tragically killed in a terrorist attack in Tunisia. This absolutely broke me but I can honestly say that with the support and love from not only my family and friends, but also my work family and clients, I turned a corner.

I decided that I had to push myself harder. In the last two years, I have completed the Pro and Master Classes with confidence and am now a qualified microblading artist too!

I have the very best clients, work environment and colleagues. I love the boost HD Brows has given me, so thank you. It just goes to show when you think you can’t, you definitely can.”

Danielle Dean-Barlas – HD Brows Stylist

“Christmas 2016 saw me made redundant from the construction industry. After a yearning to follow my dream and become a beauty therapist, I retrained in February 2017.

April of this year will see me collaborate with a fellow therapist and my dream will finally become a reality. I kick myself because I should have followed my heart when I left school. Hind sight is a wonderful thing!”

Kristie Corbett – HD Brows Master Stylist

“My husband gave up his freedom and became a stay at home dad to our three girls aged 2, 9 and 10. I work full time at my salon which is always fully booked at least 3 weeks in advance and employs two other members of staff.

In December, I qualified as a HD Brows Master Stylist. I love everything HD Brows and my salon is virtually a shrine to the brand! I’m just adding the finishing touches to an £8000 refurb which my perfect and selfless husband allowed me spend most of our savings on. Plus, our new website launches in 3 weeks!

Thank you HD Brows and most importantly my husband and perfect Dad to our girls. I’m so proud that my husband is a feminist!”

Tracy Hopkinson – HD Brows Stylist

“I opened up my business in December 2016 while studying for level 3 nails at college. I qualified in beauty over 17 years ago and knew the brows I had been trained to do weren’t the brows I wanted to offer. So, I searched for training but kept coming back to HD Brows. I just liked that it was a one shop for everything brow related.

In November 2017, I signed up to do the HD Brows course. It was everything I wanted for my clients – a high end brow service. I’m booked on the refresher in March and hoping to do the Pro and Master Classes to become a brow specialist in my area. If you’re thinking of booking on training, go for it.”

Louise Victoria Lloyd – HD Brows Master Stylist

“In 2011, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had every treatment thrown at me. One of my amazing friends, who is a HD Brows Stylist, showed me how to draw my eyebrows on when I lost my hair and what she did really inspired me.

I got better and returned to my normal job as a commercial buyer for a builder’s merchants, but in 2015 I had a recurrence in the other breast. After further treatment, I decided I needed to reduce the stress in my life and left my job.

I spoke to my friend and asked her if she minded if I trained in HD Brows (I didn’t want to step on her toes). I couldn’t believe it when she said she was moving away and would recommend me to her clients!

In the last two years, I have completed my Pro & attended Masters. I now have over 300 clients, am able to work from home with no stress and have even inspired other people who have attended training.”

Billie-Jean Bazell – HD Brows Elite Trainer

“After years of working as a PA in advertising in London, I unexpectedly became a mother. At the same time, I had to relocate to the midlands due to my partner’s work contract.

For the first time in my life, I found myself in a strange town with no friends, no job, a small baby and, just to make things harder, my mum passed away.

As I had always worked since I was 16, I found being a full time stay at home mum wouldn’t work for me. I needed to meet people, be productive and keep busy through this difficult period.

After seeing the HD Brows course and thought doing a couple of brow treatments a week in a salon would be a fun way to meet local girls, keep me busy and give me some ‘pocket money’.

I fell in love with the HD Brows treatment and quickly became good enough to work. At first, I freelanced in salons and worked from home. I then trained as a Pro and Master Stylist and felt every time I trained I learnt so much more, which showed in my work and enhanced my client base.

We then moved back home to Essex, where I worked from home and quickly became very busy once again; busy enough to open my own studio. At the same time, HD approached me to become a trainer! It’s something I absolutely love doing and has boosted my career profile. Working at shows is one of my highlights – I love being part of such a respected brand.

My business was also moving very quickly. I’ve gone from a small home salon to a full time salon open 7 days a week, with a second stylist plus a make up artist. We are fully booked most weeks with waiting lists.

Becoming a HD Stylist helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life, and has now given me a very successful business which we will need to expand yet again before 2020. HD Brows is the back bone of my very busy studio, from which I earn a very good income. Oh, and I still get to do the school run.”

We hope the stories from these strong, successful women inspire you to be the best you can be. And don’t forget, when you join the HD family you’re never alone. Be sure to head over to the Collective if you’re ever in need of support, advice or a confidence boost and we’ll all be here for you.