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Think microblading is just for women? Think again! Perfect Frame, a microblading studio based in Los Angeles, are creating a buzz within the industry with their totally natural transformations. From soft, fluffy brows to microblading for men, we’re obsessed with their work. We caught up with Perfect Frame artist and owner, Jonathan Paul Aumentado, to find out how he’s changing the face of microblading for men.

How did you get into microblading? Was transforming brows something you always wanted to do?

Actually, yes! I’ve always been very artistic and specialised in portraiture growing up. The eyebrows have always been my favourite part of the drawing process. When I heard about microblading, I knew it would be something I would excel at.

Here at HD Brows we’re obsessed with your microblading technique. It creates such a natural, fluffy finish – especially on male clients! How did you develop your specialist technique?

It took a lot of practice! I drew a lot of inspiration from Shaughnessy Otsuji (Studio Sashiko) and Hoi Lee (Hoi Tattoo). They both had such unique approaches and you could most almost tell it was their work without even seeing a name attached to it – that’s what I wanted when people would see mine. They always kept it so natural, but true to their techniques.

How did you build such a large male client base?

It was always my intent to specialise in male microblading going into this. I set a goal and I actively pursued opportunities to work on male clients.

We also kept this in mind when developing our brand identity. I wanted Perfect Frame to take a gender neutral approach at marketing that focused on our ability to enhance overall facial structures through the microblading process. I see a lot of artists naming themselves “something”-arches, beauty-“blank”, glamour-“this” – this is fine, but you aren’t going to speak to a male audience. Individuals are subconsciously taught to associate wording with genders so everything from your website to your advertisements, and even your IG captions, should be thoughtfully worded.

What are your top tips for working on male brow clients?

My three main things would be: follow the natural hair growth pattern, don’t close the tail for a “sharp” finish, and be really careful with the arch – it might seem like you’re not doing much in comparison to a female brow, but the slightest arch will feminise the face. We’re actually developing an advance techniques course for certified artist set to launch spring/summer 2019 so keep a look out for that!

Do you have a particular transformation that has always stuck with you?

All my transformations are special to me, but my first alopecia patient was definitely something for the books. It was the first time I was able to see my work on a blank canvas – I’ve always been confident in my craft, but seeing the final result and his reaction confirmed I was in the right industry.

Do you have any advice for anyone just starting out their career in microblading or permanent make up?

Don’t be afraid to develop your own personal style and do things differently. Education is important and it lays down the foundation for the artist you want to become, but the rest is up to you! Also, integrity is huge – it’s sometimes difficult to say no to potential income, but if you truly aren’t confident in your ability to slay something then be honest with yourself and with the client. Get yourself to a place where the confidence comes naturally through practice!

Want to check out more of Jonathan and the Perfect Frame team’s work? Head to their website or Instagram now. If it’s inspired you to become a microblading artist, discover more about HD Brows microblading training.

All images sourced via Instagram: @perfectframe.mb