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We teamed up with celebrity make up artist, Rachael Keeley, to resolve some of your burning make up questions in a live social media Q&A. If you missed out, do not fear, we’ve put together all of the questions and answers. So, sit back, take note and get ready for your beauty blunders being answered…


Q: What’s been your most memorable project?

A: Working on the new High Definition campaign was an amazing and memorable project to be involved with. Also, working at London Fashion Week was great fun and so inspiring – I think it’s every make up artists dream to work at Fashion Week at some point.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring make up artist’s?

A: Passion, practice and hard work is key to this industry. I would always suggest starting in retail, on the shop floor, to build valuable people and selling skills. Assisting other MUA’s is really important too, so contact local artists to gain invaluable ‘hands on’ experience and always take every opportunity, as you never know where it may lead…

Q: What are the most common questions you get asked about make up?

A: A few are; how do I contour, which foundation is best for my skin, how do I get rid of wrinkles, how do I stop foundation from slipping off, how do I pick the perfect red/nude lipstick & how do I achieve perfect liquid eyeliner…to be honest, the list is endless!

Q: Contour, strobing, bronzing…what make up trend do we really need to follow?

A: It seems like every day there is always new must-try make up trend. However, these techniques are nothing new and have been used by make up artists in the industry for years. I would say, do what’s best for you. A subtle contour and highlight is always flattering, which when applied correctly can really enhance your look. Less I always more!

Q: Liquid or pencil eyeliner?

A: You can use different types or eyeliners such as gels, pencils or shadows to create different looks. Pencils, powders or kajals are great for a soft or smudged look, whereas liquids and gels work well to create a precise, graphic or defined eye.

Q: What’s the most common make up mistakes you see?

A: Mistakes such as wearing the wrong foundation shade, applying bronzer liberally all over the face, wearing the wrong colour on your brows and not cleaning your make up brushes frequently are all very common. Nothing’s perfect, but correcting these errors can make all the difference to your make up look. Trust me!

Q: If you only have 30mins – what would you do (or miss)?

A: I would always focus on the key factor of the look. If it’s the eyes, start with them. Then get the look completed as quickly as you can, and you can go back and perfect everything later.

Q: Should we be following trends or making our own when it comes to make up?

A: Trends in beauty come and go. Each season we may follow them or incorporate them into our existing looks. As fun as they can be, classic beauty is timeless! With key products and colours that will never go out of style, sometimes it’s best to play it safe!

Q: Any recommendations to stop the eyeliner running under my water line after applying the kajal? Is there a way to set it?

A: When using the kajal on the eye, try setting it with a darker powder. Set the under eye area with a power too, to help eliminate smudging.

Q: What bronzer/ blusher would you recommend for people with freckles?

A: Embrace your freckles and enhance them! Use our High Definition light/medium Bronzer to softly warm up the skin. Anything too dark can make freckles look muddy. It’s the same with blusher; I would go for a fresh peachy colour, like our Powder Blush in Punch. Anything too cool can make freckles look grey.

Q: What celebrities make up do you admire and why?

A: I’m always getting inspiration from what other make up artists are creating. I love make up looks on Gigi Hadid, JLo, Kim Kardashian and Rochelle Humes. They always look flawless, glowing and red carpet ready. Plus it’s seeing what they will do next!

Q: What do u prefer to apply first – bronzer or blusher?

A: It doesn’t really matter, there are no rules! I generally apply bronzer to warm up the skin and finish with some blusher on the apples of the cheeks.

Q: What make up primer do you swear by?

A: Sometimes a primer isn’t always necessary when you’ve prepared the skin with a good moisturiser and have a good foundation.

Q: If creating smokey eyes, would you do them before or after the base has been applied?

A: For a smokey, heavier eye, I would always start with the eyes first. This means that if there is any fall out, you can just wipe it away and then start perfecting the base.

Q: Where is the best place to apply bronzer?

A: Apply bronzer to warm up your skin on the areas that you would contour. Follow the hollow of your cheekbones, underneath your jawlines and along the top of your forehead. This will create shape and dimensions to your face. Never apply bronzer all over the face as this is very unflattering!

Q: What would be your dream shoot?

A: There’s so many great photographers I’d love to work with – Mario Testino would be amazing in a beach location, with Gigi Hadid! l’d create a bronzed and glowing make up look with lots of texture and beach tousled hair.

Q: What is your favourite look to create?

A: I love creating sculpted skin with dewy highlights, paired with a soft smokey eye, soft brushed up brows and a nude lip. I love enhancing natural beauty and features.

Q: Where do you look for creative inspiration?

A: I look everywhere for inspiration, and it can come from anywhere! Whether it’s on social media, reading fashion magazines or going to an art gallery. You never know what’s going to inspire you – it could be a colour, texture or a product!

Q: Why does my make up go cakey in my t-zone and fine lines?

A: If you have oily skin or an oily t-zone, opt for an oil free moisturiser and primer to really prep the skin. Apply a small amount of foundation, only adding more if needed and really blend it out. Lightly press finishing powder to set the foundation.

Q: What do you think the key looks or trends with be for S/S16?

A: On the runways we’ve seen sculpted skin with dewy highlights, as well as natural brows and fresh eyes with tropical vibes.

Q: What’s the shortest time you’ve ever had to do a full face of make up and do you have any tips to speed up?

A: 15 minutes at London Fashion Week! My top tips for speedy make up application would be to focus on the key factor of the look; if it’s the eyes – start with them. Then complete the look as quickly as you can and go back and perfect everything later.

Q: What are the main make up looks that are taught on the High Definition Professional Artistry course?

A: We focus on classic and timeless looks such as bridal, the classic red lip, a J.Lo inspired glow and smokey eyes.

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