Never Stop Learning: My HD Brows Journey

21st May 2019 | By Ellie Gaudiosi
Stylist applying wax to client during HD Brows treatment

We love to hear how training with us has helped so many people turn their passion for beauty into a successful career. We recently caught up with Bronagh Mclaughlin from House of Brows to find out how advanced training has boosted her business.

Take the next step

Should HD Brows stylists continue their brow journey towards advanced training? Absolutely! After recently attending ‘The Beauty School Means Business’ event, it is evident that the brow market just keeps growing.

We are continuously learning and embracing original brow looks. Now is the time for forward-thinking in all things brows!

Keep up to date

Advanced training has allowed me to explore further and more artistically when it comes to brows. I have been able to create alternative and on-trend brow looks after learning the new skill that introduced me to a whole new world of custom colour blending (HD Brows Lightening).

Brow trends are alternating massively and it’s worth being able to explore and experiment with new looks. Brow looks are shifting from neat and sharp to soft and bushy. HD Brows advanced training has qualified me to create exclusive and unique looks and this has been very refreshing in my brow career recently.

Toning = a game changer

Being able to transform the tone of my clients’ brows has been a game changer. We don’t just see the average ‘dark brown’ or ‘light brown’ brow shades any longer. As brow experts we are now able to offer more, especially when keeping our skills and knowledge up-to-date.

I have clients requesting ashy grey tones like Louisa Johnsonblonde and barely visible like Gigi Hadid, fluffy, fair and textured like Perrie Edwards and even as bold and bespoke as Sophia Hadipanteli. The most iconic brow idols, if you ask me.

My product top tip

I’m always asked for my favourite brow product and to let you in on my top brow secret, it’s the HD Brows Colourfix in Foxy.

Random tip: I was once on holiday with just my Brow Colourfix and lip balm in my bag, so I casually challenged how many ways I could use this product. I applied it through my brows and lashes, smudged it (and the balm) with my finger on my eyelid, lips and below the cheekbones. The more I think of it, I could have possibly brushed along my hairline with it too. But there you have it!

Has Bronagh inspired you to take the next step in your brow career? Find out more about advanced training.

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