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HD Brows Patch Testing Graphic

As you know well, we teach all of our HD Brows Stylists how to safely perform HD Brows treatments during our training course. We often highlight the importance of always following risk management protocols such as Patch Testing. However, we understand that over time your memory may become fuzzy and guidelines from the industry and insurers may change. We’re here to give you an update to make sure your business is still fully covered, and your customers are kept as safe as possible during your HD treatments.

Changes to some insurance policies

Recently news broke that some insurance companies had tightened their policies. Some now restrict clients from performing Patch Tests on themselves before treatments. This change pushes the responsibility solely onto the Stylist to fully inform the customer about the importance of Patch Testing and complete the Patch Test 48 hours before every treatment.

We are fully aware that this change is a huge inconvenience to both you and your customers. This is why we’ve spoken to Holistic (our recommended insurance provider). They have assured us that they are still happy to accept the use of the transfer Patch Test. You just need to make sure you check and remove the patch during every treatment and the Client Record Card is signed every time – phew!

Insurance policies and wording can be tricky. Don’t be shocked if when reading through your policy you find that they appear to contradict our guidelines, or even their own. Remember, these are legal documents that are sold to you by sales personnel. They shouldn’t be used as an easy resource of information and they will always refer you back to your training should a situation arise – trust us. Don’t despair though; we’ve put all of the important information that you need to know regarding our Patch Testing Policy into a handy document for you to reference on the Marketing Hub, here.

If you have any other questions regarding our Patch Testing Policy, please don’t hesitate to contact our Legal & Compliance Manager, Jennie Kindred, at [email protected].