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Beginning her career almost 20 years ago, Make Up Artist Cassie Lomas is in high demand! As well as running her own training academy in Manchester, Cassie works regularly with some of the world’s most famous faces from Lady Gaga, Iggy Azalea, Yasmin Le Bon, Twiggy, The Spice Girls’ Melanie C and Emma Bunton, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding – just to name a few!  Here she gives us an insight into her world…

You’re an industry renowned make up artist, working with some of the biggest artists in the world. Talk us through how you got started?

I was introduced to make up early, about 14, because I started modelling. I never really imagined it could be a career but I always loved doing it as a hobby. I started training at a local college then continued my training at London College of Fashion after doing a Business degree. I just loved it and spent all my spare time working on my portfolio and doing everything I was asked to do, regardless of how much it cost me. I remember getting to 25 and I suddenly thought, wow, this is my job!

Why are good brows so important to you as a make-up artist?

Brows are the whole framework of the face, especially when you team them with cheekbones, you can create a palette that will give every client or model the most flattering face shape. If I get an image back and there is a brow hair out of place, I am so angry with myself. It happens, but to me that makes a picture perfect.

Tell us who has the best brows you’ve seen?

That’s a hard one – I have models in my Academy all the time whose brows are just amazing. The great thing is they trust me when I ask them if I can neaten them up, which is good. I do actually really like my own brows, I know its naff to say, but I look after them myself and change the shape all the time depending on my mood, so to me they are always how I’d like them to look.

How did you get involved with Nilam and High Definition?

I met Nilam through my best friend Jenny Frost and I loved her from the first time I met her. It’s not that often that you meet someone who is truly amazing at their job, but also the nicest person ever and an incredible business woman. Nilam is an inspiration to us all!

What are your favourite brow products?

I love neatening up brows before I even consider putting anything on them. Since I did the HD Brows course my whole approach has changed and I now like to aim for brow perfection before adding any product. Once they’re perfect, I like to fill in any areas needed with the Brow Define and fix into place with the Brow Beater so they look as real as possible. If I’m doing a celebrity, then it needs to last so I may use a few strokes of the Brow Wax for added staying power.

Talk us through some of the favourite looks you’ve created.
Most of my favourite looks are the most natural or classic ones. I loved the Billboard cover I did with Lady Gaga because that was her first cover with them early on in her career, so I am proud to have that amongst my work. I did an editorial shoot in LA with one of my clients Iggy Azalea recently and I just loved it. The make up was so simple but the shot was stunning. Quite a lot of my favourite work is create when I am just playing around in the studio. I think it’s so important no matter how far on in your career you are, that you still do test shoots where you have full control and can really get creative. They inspire me to work harder.

What advice can you give to make up artists looking to take that next step to making a name for themselves?

Do every single thing you get asked to do without hesitation, regardless of whether it is paid or not. That’s what I feel sets you apart and gets you to the top. You just never know who you may meet and whether they may be the break your career needs.

You’ve worked with some of the biggest superstars in the industry – how are they different to working on other clients?

Often they have a strong creative vision for their look so it’s easier in some aspects because you feel comfortable creating something they have designed with you. It sounds funny but I much prefer working on celebrities as they’re easier for me. I understand how to create something they’ll be happy with by gauging their reaction as I work. If clients are not so used to having their make up done it can sometimes be trickier when deciding what look to create. I just want to make every day at work as pleasant as I can for everyone involved so that is my aim whether it be on a superstar or not. Women want to look fabulous so that’s what I aim to do.

Your celebrity clients always look flawless. What is your secret to creating a perfect base?

I always mix up my bases, I never just apply one. I create my own concoctions with skincare, primers, foundations and concealers and then nobody else can recreate it. I always go back over the base at the end of the make up and finish it off so it’s extra perfect.

What is your proudest MUA moment?

It is really hard to say, I am super proud of everything but when you live in it, it just seems normal life…Probably opening my own make up school and creatives agency. I get the most pleasure out of seeing other people succeed with my help, so I work hard to do that. I am happy when people tell me I’ve made their dreams come true because they now do a job they love. That makes me proud.

Do you have any exciting work coming up you can share with us?

I’ve just launched a professional range of make up brushes so that has taken up lots of my time recently but I am looking forward to summer as I have a few nice work trips booked in, namely Ibiza, I can’t wait.

Which make up products can’t you live without?

I am obsessed with glowy, radiant products, I always have been. I literally love the High Definition Sculpt&Glow Palette; it is my dream colour combination.

Any tricks of the trade you can share with us?

Always make sure brows are immaculate! I thought I knew everything there was to know about them until I did the HD Brows course and then a whole new brow world opened up to me! There is always more to learn, no matter how good you are so always strive to improve in every area.

What would be your dream shoot?

Maldives please! I would love to do a music video there for a day and have two travel days either side to rest and sunbathe…Now there’s a dream! Let’s make it happen, that’s my motto!

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