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Advertising on social media can be tricky, as different strategies can work differently depending on the business itself. We’ve broken it down step-by-step as to the things you should be thinking about before launching any paid campaigns.

Before setting up any advert, set in mind your goal

What is it you want to achieve? You can then create an advert based on that, giving your chosen audience options to visit your site, book an appointment, shop online, contact you and so much more.

You need to choose your target audience

Think about the kind of people you want to see the advert and who you think will best interact with it. You can create audiences on Facebook based on your fans, visitors to your website, those with certain like minded interests (for example brow shaping and beauty treatments) and you can even target fans of other similar brands. And it doesn’t stop there! For every audience you create, you can then make a ‘lookalike’ audience, which will target people similar to them!

It’s all about testing which audiences work the best too. If one doesn’t go so well, don’t panic! Keep trying with different audiences to find the one which works for you.

Next step is to choose the messaging and imagery for your advert

First things first, make sure the images aren’t too text heavy as Facebook/Instagram will automatically decline the ads. Make sure the image is on brand, stands out and says what it does on the tin! So when people are scrolling on Facebook, your advert will make them stop and look?.

Our recommendation is to start off simple, showcase some of your favourite work, state your location and make sure there is a clear clickable button which will allow people to book.

We’re sure advertising isn’t just as simple as the above 3 steps, so we’ve found a great article which will help break things down for you a little more. Find out more here. We’re also on hand to answer any questions you may have! Simply drop us an email at [email protected].