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Used correctly, hashtags are a fantastic way to boost the reach of your posts beyond your following. Here’s our top tips to get your business out to more potential clients.

Before we look at hashtags, we need to look at the latest social media algorithms. Boring we know – but it’s important for you to be clued up on. There are more people and more brands using social media than ever before which means posts are reaching fewer people. In the past two years on Facebook alone the average post reach has gone from 7% to 2%. This means getting your posts seen by fans and potential new clients is becoming more and more difficult.

Hashtags allow users who are not following you to see your content where they wouldn’t usually. It’s a great way to try and improve your the reach of your posts. If a user has heard of HD Brows but wants to see some transformations for themselves, they might search the #HDBrows hashtag and have a good ol’ scroll through the thousands of images with that tag. It’s important to be using hashtags relevant to you and your businesses to ensure your images are being found.

As you all know, we love a hashtag – and believe it or not, each has its own importance. Below are our most popular hashtags which you should all be using to increase your brands potential reach:

  • #HDBrows – If someone wants to see some HD Brows, you want your work to be found. It could lead to a potential new client!
  • #FreshBrowFriday – Each and every Friday, we try our best to break the internet (Kim K style) by sharing all things brows. Whether it be your favourite transformations from the previous week, your favourite brow quotes or even some celebrity browspiration, #FreshBrowFriday is the hashtag to use!
  • #BrushedUpBrows – Textured brows are the latest trend, and there’s been an influx of people wanting to achieve this look. Keep up to date with the latest trends for content people will want to engage with and share.
  • #Brows#BrowShaping#BrowStylist – We’ve done a bit of research and these are all some of the most popular brow hashtags for us. You’ll find that these will work well for you too! Play around with hashtags to see which ones perform best for you. Don’t forget, they need to be searchable terms.
  • Location – A lot of people search for hashtags based on their location, so hashtag the town or city you’re based in to try and reach people in your local area.

Start adding hashtags to your posts and see the difference in reach and engagement your posts will receive. Once you find what works for you and get into the hang of it, it’s such an easy step that will really boost your social media marketing! Don’t forget, you can drop us an email at [email protected] if you have any further questions.