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Whether you’re a naturally blessed redhead or have dyed auburn locks, it can be tricky to find the right shade of products to use on your brows. You can often find that products are either too dark, too fair or just not the ideal colour match for your fiery tresses. Here’s our ultimate eyebrow guide for redheads.

The perfect brow product for redheads

Often, the biggest problem isn’t actually the shade, it’s choosing the right product. Different brow products will create a different finish, so always choose something that reflects your personal style. Pencils come in different forms and are generally the most popular brow product thanks to being super easy to use. A traditional style eyebrow pencil works to create a neat, defined finish, while a retractable brow pencil with a fine tip leaves a softer finish and can even create natural looking hair strokes in any sparse areas. For an even more natural finish, a tinted brow gel will leave brows looking fuller and sets them in place; it’s the ideal product for that on-trend, brushed up look. Lovers of a bold, Instagram-worthy power brow should opt for a brow pomade. The budge-proof formulas of pomades are amazing for when you need your make up to last, or if you struggle with oily skin.

The perfect brow shade for redheads

As with any other hair colour, there’s no one-shade-suits-all option. The colour you opt for depends on the tone you’re aiming for. Most people want their brows to match, or at least closely resemble, their hair colour. For redheads, we recommend our shade Siren. Available across our core eyebrow range, this warm auburn shade is your perfect colour match.

If you prefer to wear your brows a little lighter or darker, you can opt for a blonde or light brown pencil. Whatever shade you go for, just be sure to make sure it has a warm undertone. It can be tempting to cool down the colour of your brows, but this can actually make the skin look sallow and cause the brows to stand out (not in the way you want).

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Tips for redheads with fair brows

Often, those with naturally ginger or auburn hair have incredibly fair hair on their brows, so getting your brows tinted is the easiest way to add lasting definition. There’s no need to worry about coming out with unnaturally dark arches with the HD Brows treatment. Your stylist will custom blend a dye colour that works for you, whether that’s a direct match to your hair or something a little cooler, warmer or darker.
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If tinting isn’t for you, opt for a coloured brow gel. Our Brow Colourfix in the shade Siren will coat each brow hair in a shade that complements your hair with a totally natural finish.

When it comes to brows, the most important thing to remember is that they should be bespoke to you, so always opt for a finish and style that you love.

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