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Instagram is no stranger to eyebrow trends. We’ve seen some weird and wonderful looks over the years, but the latest trend taking the platform by storm is one that you’re sure to want to try out. In fact, you’ve probably already seen the look on countless influencers. It’s time to say hello to the fluffy brow.


What are fluffy brows?

Fluffy brows pretty much do exactly what they say on the tin. Brows are brushed in an upwards direction to create a soft, fluffy finish. Unlike the previous trend for brushed up brows, where hairs were uniformly brushed up and filled in with a pencil for a defined finish, the fluffy brow is a totally natural look. Sparse gaps can be filled in with a fine pencil to create a hair stroke effect, but they are sometimes left bare for a simple, effortless look that’s super on trend, making them great low maintenance beauty lovers.

Will fluffy brows suit me?

Yes, yes and yes. The beauty of this trend is that it works for everyone, no matter of brow thickness, colour or shape. Finally, a brow trend that can enjoyed by all!

It works great on full brows, especially if you want to help keep unruly hairs tamed and in check all day long. However, it’s also the perfect look for those with sparse, thin or gappy brows. Brushing your hairs upwards instantly gives the illusion of a thicker eyebrow, plus you can actually brush hairs into a shape that covers sparser areas without having to rely on pencilling them in.

You can even tailor it to suit your style, whether it’s super brushed up or a subtle effect; as long as you can get that natural fluffy finish, you’ve nailed it.

Get fluffy brows with brow lamination

One of the most popular ways to achieve this look is through brow lamination. In the last year, this has become one of the most requested in salon eyebrow treatments, with promises of fuller looking brows without having the go under the microblading needle.

Using the same technology as a lash lift, eyebrow lamination is a two step chemical process. First, the bonds within the brow hair are broken down, so that hairs can be brushed into your desired position before the bonds are rebuilt. The brow hairs won’t be permanently set in this position, but one swipe of a spoolie brush in the morning and they’ll be back up and fluffy. The results last 6-8 weeks so if you’re obsessed with the look, it’s the easiest way to keep it up.

Get fluffy brows at home

If you’re not ready to commit to full time fluffy or just like to have the option to switch up your style, you’re in luck. The fluffy brow trend is incredibly easy to recreate at home with minimal time, effort and product.

A common method to achieving this look is soap brows, which involves mixing water and a bar of soap (yes, actual soap), rubbing your spoolie over and brushing through the brows. It sets rock solid to keep brows in place, however it can be a little messy. To keep it even simpler, a super-duper strong hold brow gel, such as Brow Glue, will create the same effect without the hassle. Don’t just take our word for it; here’s what influencers had to say about Brow Glue. Even Love Island’s Molly-Mae is a fan!

Unlike some beauty fads, it doesn’t seem as though the fluffy brow trend is going anywhere. Simple to achieve and flattering to all, we think it’s here to stay.

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