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Close up shot of model's eye and eyebrow

Years ago, we were all aiming to raise brows (literally) to achieve a defined arch. However, the latest celeb trend taking the world by storm is a new take on the 2019 flat brow. It’s impossible to scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid inspired brows, but you might be surprised at the lengths people are going to to get the look.


“The flat brow has been a favourite style among men for a long time now but as trends and fashions change, we’ve seen more and more women embrace the look,” says our Lead Brow Stylist, Jamie Long. “What started as a laid back look has evolved to become more feminine and structured. The brow still remains flat, however, the tail of the brow is now lifted up towards the temples to give a very snatched look. I personally love this look and would definitely have this as my brow style if I could.”

If you’re wondering how on earth everyone’s creating the model-esque flat brow look, you won’t believe the shocking treatment used to get the look. The secret is a thread brow lift.

What is a thread brow lift?

“A thread lift or PDO Threads are basically a non-invasive face lift, so you get all the benefits without the risks of traditional surgery,” explains Jamie.

This non-surgical face lift uses a synthetic filament to visibly lift sagging skin into the desired position. The threads then naturally dissolve over time, with resulting lasting 12-18 months. This treatment has no downtime, making it a popular alternative to going under the knife for a traditional face lift.

Thanks to their precision, threads allow you to simply treat targeted areas. “They can be used almost anywhere on the face for both lifting & regenerating. If you opt for a brow lift, the threads pull the tail of the brow upwards and back towards the hairline for the lifted flat brow look.” 

Can I get the Insta-flat brow look without a brow lift?

“If PDO threads aren’t for you, don’t worry,” says Jamie. “You can still get the look with a little help from your HD Brows stylist. I’ve been working to gradually lift the tail of my brow to achieve this look.” 

Depending on how much hair growth you have, it is possible to lower your arch and lift the tail with reshaping help from an expert. Your stylist will most likely put you on a re-growth programme so you can work together to achieve the desired look over a course of shaping treatments. The results may not be as instantaneous as a thread lift, but it’s easier if you’re not willing to go to quite such extreme lengths. 

If you can’t wait for the results, you can simply fake it ‘til you make it. “Just as we can give the illusion of a chiselled cheekbone with clever contouring, we can use make up to alter the appearance of our brow shape,” spills Jamie. “Use a slim brow pencil to add some extra thickness above the tail of the brow and bring it out towards the temples. You can then add some matte brow highlighter until the tails to give the illusion of lift.”

Would you give threads a go to get the Kendall Jenner eyebrow look? Let us know in the comments below.

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