How Do You Wear Your Brows: Jamie Long

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How do you wear your brows - Jamie Long

Who am I?

I’m Jamie Long and I’m an Elite Trainer here at High Definition.

What does your average day consist of?

Every day is different as I’m always travelling between our training academies in Milton Keynes, Leeds and Glasgow. When I’m at one of our training academies, I’m greeting new students and teaching them the art of High Definition Brows. It’s great when our students come back for our Refresher, Pro and Master classes as you can really see their skills develop. When I’m not training, I’ll be at our events giving demonstrations, talking about our products and transforming brows.

What has been your proudest moment since working at High Definition?

It’s great seeing the company grow and being able to grow with it. So many opportunities have been opened up for me as the brand evolves and expands. I have made over many brows of VIP and celebrity clients, which is a great achievement.

What is your go-to product from the makeup range?

Our Brow Colourfix is a must-have product for men. I’m naturally dark haired, so I sweep that through my brows to keep them dark and pick up lighter hairs in between treatments for a bolder brow. It also sets brows into place, which is often a problem with the unruly brow hair that men can get. Not only can it be used on brows but it is perfect to for creating a fuller-looking beard; just sweep through any lighter or sparse areas. Its buildable formula allows you to use as much or little of the product you want to achieve your desired style. I also love using our Pro Pencil, it gives such a professional finish as it allows you to produce the finest of details – perfect for building a fuller brow by creating natural looking hairs.

How do you wear your brows?

I am known for my power brow – I like having groomed and defined brows with a noticeable arch. For men who like a more natural- looking brow, Zac Efron is a great male grooming icon to look to for inspiration. I would advise men who like this style to have a simple tidy-up to take away any stray and unruly hairs. This will not affect the natural shape of the brows and will keep them looking full and manly yet neat and groomed, which is a really popular look at the moment.

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