What is the baby brow lamination trend?

Before and after of brow lamination for correction

When it comes to changing beauty trends, nothing seems to move as fast as brow trends. From crazy hacks to weird and wonderful brow styles, there’s always a new viral brow trend on social media.  

One trend that has managed to stand the test of time is brow lamination. Over the past few years, we’ve all embraced the power of full, bushy and brushed up brows. However, 2024 is bringing a fresh twist to this classic trend with the rise of baby brow lamination.  

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The evolution of brow lamination 

Brow lamination became a must have beauty treatment and gained momentum as beauty enthusiasts sought a solution to achieve the coveted fluffy brow look without resorting to daily styling. 

What many clients don’t realise is that brow lamination is the name for a technique used by beauty professionals to set the hair bonds in their desired position and it can actually create any look you want.  

As well as creating the illusion of fuller, thicker brows, brow lamination can also be used to soften unruly hairs and make them easier to style, or to correct uneven and asymmetrical brows. 

The techniques are now being used to create the latest brow trend of baby brows. 

What is baby brow lamination? 

Enter the newest trend on the beauty block - baby brow lamination. This technique takes inspiration from its predecessor but with a softer, more subtle approach.  

Baby brow lamination strikes the perfect balance between natural and laminated brows. During this treatment, only the front section of the brow is laminated. This creates a soft, fluffy effect at the front of the brow, whilst the rest can be shaped and then either kept natural or finished with your favourite brow product. 

High maintenance to be low maintenance 

As with many trends in the beauty industry, the influence of social media, particularly TikTok, cannot be overstated. The rise of 'high maintenance beauty treatments to be low maintenance' on TikTok has paved the way for beauty enthusiasts to explore treatments that make their daily routines quicker and easier. From fake tan freckles to lash extensions, it’s all about the things that seem high maintenance at the time but help you to feel like your best self with minimal effort every day. 

Baby brow lamination perfectly fits into this trend. With treatment results lasting up to eight weeks, it’s a low-maintenance solution for those who want a groomed brow without the need for daily styling. 

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