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Across the UK, salons are currently at different stages of reopening their doors and getting us all booked in for our favourite treatments. After four months in lockdown, we’re sure that you’re desperate to get booked in for those long overdue appointments, but it won’t be exactly how you remember it. Here’s what the ‘new normal’ will probably look like in your local salon.

Being on time is more important than ever

Obviously you should always be on time, but it will be especially important now. Some small salons may be operating a one in, one out policy, so you’ll need to arrive for your designated arrival time to avoid delaying your stylist’s schedule. If you are late, your appointment may have to be rearranged, which you definitely don’t want. You’ve already waited this long!

Don’t go if you’re feeling unwell

It may be obvious, but if you’re feeling ill then you’ll need to stay at home. No matter how minor your symptoms may be, it’s not worth the risk (yes, not even to get your brows done). Salons will be changing their cancellation policies to cater for this, so please don’t worry about having to rearrange, even if it is last minute. 

There will be new hygiene standards

Salons have always had strict hygiene measures to ensure your treatments are safe, but these will be tightened going forward. Hand sanitiser will be non-negotiable and you’ll be asked to do this at the door. Product testers and magazines will be removed to limit cross-contamination. Your stylist will thoroughly clean between clients and fabric hand towels may be replaced with single-use products. You may even be asked to have a temperature reading before entering the salon to ensure there are no signs of a fever.

Contactless payments will be encouraged

For hygiene reasons, contactless payments will be encouraged to help reduce the spread of the virus through exchanging cash. Smaller salons that don’t have card machines may be requesting PayPal payments, so be sure to check with your stylist in advance so you can be set up and ready on the day.

Your stylist will be wearing PPE

Masks, visors, gloves and aprons are just some of the new PPE measures being brought into the beauty industry. This is especially important during close contact treatments such as brows and lash extensions where you are face to face for the full treatment. Your stylist may look more like they’re ready to perform an operation than a brow wax, but it’s important for both of your safety.

You’ll be asked to wear PPE too

Furthermore, your stylist may request that you wear PPE, too. It’s likely that you will be asked to wear a mask during the treatment but your stylist will be sure to let you know this in advance. Your salon should have some available for you to purchase that will offer the correct level of protection, but be sure to double check with them ahead of time. For many close contact treatments, face coverings will be a requirement and your appointment may have to be rescheduled if you don’t have one, so get stocked up now.

Be kind to your stylist

Yes, there’s a bit of extra effort involved in your next appointment, but your stylist has had to work incredibly hard to set all these new measures in place. They may have to increase their prices a little and they’re probably working overtime to get all of their lovely clients booked in, so remember to have patience and be extra kind to them when you next see them.

Despite all of these new measures, your stylists will be so happy to have you back in the salon and we’re sure you can’t wait to have some much needed TLC. Take a little extra time beforehand to ask your salon exactly what the new process is and it will be a totally smooth process.