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Life as a busy salon owner is never straight forward. Every day you are spinning plates, managing and motivating your team, exceeding your customers’ expectations, keeping on top of bills – it never ends.

One element of your business that you can make stress free is retail. Retail will never call in sick, desert you for another salon or cancel an appointment. Retail can be the constant that takes your salon business from breaking even to making a profit.

Does retailing in salon really work?

The great news is clients want to buy retail from you.  Research shows that clients love a personal recommendation of a product.  Talking product with your clients keeps the focus on them.  Deep down, they don’t really care about you asking them about their last holiday, how their dog is or if they are off out that night.  The majority of clients would prefer you to keep your nose out of their personal life.  When your clients are in salon they want expert advice from you, the expert!

The average high performing salon retails to around 10-15% of their clients.  The reason the number is so low is because most stylists do not talk product.  When your client is laid back, eyes closed while you apply product they don’t have a clue what you’re doing and why, unless you show and tell them.

Not recommending retail to your client is creating a poor customer experience. If you – the brow expert – can’t get the desired finish without a product how can an untrained client create the look? Clients don’t want brows that look fabulous for one day, they want fabulous brows every day until their next visit.

Retail is the secret to making both you and your team money. Selling just 10 Browtecs weekly means you can earn an extra £69.20 per week. If you’re a little nervous about reatiling, why not use this as a challenge to get used to selling.

The extra income isn’t the only benefit. A stylist who is successful in retail feels more confident and gains greater job satisfaction. Happy stylists = happy clients = a happy salon and an even happier salon owner.

Take the stress out of salon and let retail in.