Brow tips for men

Your brow dilemmas, solved.

Struggling to regrow overplucked arches or just can’t tame your bushy brows? Are you looking for the perfect brow product for you or need to know how to recreate the latest trends? We have a solution to any eyebrow dilemma you may have.


Brow tips for men

Men, you too deserve totally bespoke brows! Often men are worried about having their brows shaped as many think that a brow stylist will over work them and make them look too groomed – not us (unless that’s what you ask for). Whether you want the subtlest of tidy ups or a full power brow, there’s no need to worry about keeping your brows groomed.



How to shape men’s eyebrows

Just as with female brows, how you choose to wear your brows is personal preference. If you’re wanting to keep your brows natural, be careful not to overwork them. The brow should be similar in size all the way across, so just remove any excess hairs that fall out of the natural shape. If you’re a little nervous about removing too much hair or want a power brow transformation, a brow stylist will be able to create the look you want.

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Eyebrow products for men

If you find your brows grow back quickly, you need a daily dose of Re-Growth Minimiser. Apply after a HD Brows treatment wherever you experience undesired re-growth: underneath the brow, in between the brows, etc. The blend of natural flavanoids and volcanic water gently work to diminish the appearance of regrowth. It also softens the hairs, making hair removal much more comfortable.

Our most popular product for men is Brow Colourfix. It comes in 3 shades and is an easy, natural looking brush on gel that tints and camouflages any grey hairs and also neatens up the brows. It can also be used to create a fuller looking beard – winner!


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“Men tend to want their brows groomed but not perfectly shaped. In this case, the bulb, arch and tail should be of a similar size. It’s all about keeping the brows trim, not thin.”

Jamie Long, Lead Brow Stylist


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We advise visiting your local HD Brows stylist before trying to alter the shape of your brows yourself – one wrong move with the tweezers could leave a disastrous result. Our stylists will leave your brows perfectly groomed, but still looking masculine.

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Male eyebrows FAQs

If you have long hairs, you can trim them for a neater brow finish. Firstly, brush the hairs upwards using a spoolie brush. Next, take some small eyebrow scissors and trim the ends of any hairs that fall outside the shape. Brush the hairs back to their natural position to check you’re happy with the result. Keeping trimming to a minimum if you want the classic, masculine brow look.

If you’re wanting to keep things looking natural, just pluck out any hairs that fall outside of your natural eyebrow shape, such as between the brows. If you’re working close up in a mirror, be sure to regularly step back and review both eyebrows together to prevent yourself from overplucking.

It’s totally up to you and depends on what you’re looking to achieve. Tweezing is great if you just need to remove a few stray hairs here and there. If you have a larger area that’s too time-consuming to pluck, such as between the brows, waxing might be a better option. For shaping in precise areas or removing lots of fine, fluffy hair, threading is for you. We do recommend leaving any kind of shaping to the experts to ensure you get a finish that suits your face shape.

Men’s eyebrows are generally fuller and the hair coarser than women’s. However, you may have noticed that with age, men’s brows can become very long, wiry and sometimes out of control. It’s all down to hormones. Often, men continue to have high or increased levels of testosterone until their 70s, which can encourage hair growth in areas it may not have been before, including the brows, nose and ears.

Whatever you want them to look like! The classic ‘masculine’ eyebrow is natural, minimally shaped and a similar shape from the front to the tail, but we’re now started to see men rocking all kinds of eyebrow styles which is amazing.