The unretouched beauty campaign featuring YOU.


We’re all about the belief that beauty isn’t one-size-fits-all. Say goodbye to negativity and hello to self-love by joining our club. After all, as original club member Sarai says, “it’s 2019, it’s cool to be different.” This year, we’re partnering with you to spread positivity.

It’s time to join the self-love revolution. Empower yourself & inspire others by submitting a photo and let us know what you love about yourself. We’ll create a bespoke graphic exclusively for you to share on social media so you can spread a little self-love. Share your image with the hashtag #HDSelfLoveClub for your chance to be featured on our official instagram account*.


Join the self-love club and you’ll be in the company of some pretty awesome people.

Loves the skin she’s in

Being mixed race, ginger with freckles is unique so I definitely get more stares and questions, which has taken some getting used to. But I have always made sure to embrace my look, never shying away from it, as I’ve grown that’s become more and more important.

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Loves her Heterochromia

My favourite feature is my eyes. I have Heterochromia so I have one green eye, onebrown eye. My Mum has green eyes and my Dad has brown so I feel like I have a part of both ofthem in me… Beauty to me means being happy inside and out and not worrying about society’s opinion.

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Loves that his eyebrows are sisters, not twins

My eyebrows give me confidence because I’ve learnt to embrace the fact that they’re different. For years I used to tint them to try and make them look exactly the same but now I’m just like, they’re two different colours, embrace it!

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I’ve always been someone who’s passionate about diversity, but becoming a model has made me see even more why it’s so important. We all deserve to feel beautiful and confident no matter what race, size, religion, sexuality you are. That’s something I’ll always believe and makes me proud to have this job.

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Loves her courage -
she’s a fighter

Age doesn’t matter to the inner and outer beauty. Laughing is a great beautifier – try it! Laughing makes you happy.

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Loves her confidence
to be herself

Beauty for me is being self-assured, confident & unapologetically yourself. Apply this daily to your body n’ face!

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Want to feel inspired? Get to know each member of the #HDSelfLoveClub a little better.


For the last 10 years, we’ve been pioneers of the brow industry with our ‘bespoke brows for all’ philosophy. Brows are as unique as fingerprints and should express your style and individuality. We wanted to translate this over to make up and recently we launched a series of make up masterclasses where you can master the art of bespoke beauty for everyone.

But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to take this totally bespoke view and come up with a campaign to encourage everyone to love themselves, not just their brows. Not only have we promised not to retouch any of the images of our campaign photoshoot, we want to get you involved to show that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

“I am incredibly proud to be a part of this exciting campaign and to be encouraging diversity within the beauty industry. Throughout my years as a permanent make up artist, I have always worked to enhance my clients’ natural beauty, never mask it, so this is a campaign that is very close to my heart.” – Karen Betts, HD Brows CEO

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