Precision Scissors

Brow shaping and trimming


What is It?

Our brow shaping scissors are perfect for precision eyebrow trimming. This small and sleek tool will trim even the tiniest of hairs, refining your brows and keeping them neat and tidy.

Why you'll love it

Sometimes, when brows look messy and overgrown, it’s down to the length of your eyebrow hairs, not the number of hairs. Save yourself from overplucked brows with these eyebrow trimming scissors. Brushing brows upwards and feathering into them with these tiny brow scissors helps to neaten the shape and keep them in check.

The need-to-know facts

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Small scissors
for eyebrows

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Tidy up
unruly brows

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Feathered finish

Brow-to guide

Brow-to guide


Brush the brow hairs upwards using a spoolie brush.


Trim any excess hair above the brows existing shape.


Always trim down into the brow rather than straight across. This will create a soft, feathered look instead of a square, boxy finish.