Pro Super Shaper

Pro Pencil Sharpener


What is It?

Our Pro Shaper has had a makeover, and what a glow up it is. This new and improved pencil sharpener is a much quicker, easier and safer way to achieve that famous flat, ultra-fine tip on the HD Brows Pro Pencil. It’s really rather super (if we do say so ourselves).

Why you'll love it

The HD Brows Pro Pencil is a must have for any brow lover thanks to its unique ability to create realistic hair strokes. However, it wasn’t the easy pencil to sharpen to create that iconic fine tip. Our in-house product team have been working on a new and improved sharpener to make using our Pro Pencil fool proof.

The sharpening blade is now safely within a black box that collects all the shavings. With just a few swipes across the sharpener, you will get your Pro Pencil to the finest of points.

The need-to-know facts

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Sharpens to
a fine,
flat point

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Quick and
easy to use

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Collects shavings

Save with sets


The Pro Pencil Bundle

Ultra-fine brow pencil and sharpener

£25.00 Was £30.00

Brow-to guide

Brow-to guide


Place the pencil core gently on the lid of the Pro Super Shaper at the desired sharpening angle, without applying pressure.


Push the pencil gently towards and over the blade, shaving off a sliver of pencil at a time.


Repeat 4 or 5 times, or until you have applied the desired angle - halfway through the pencil core.


Rotate the pencil and repeat on the other side until you have achieved the desired wedge point.


To empty, hold the Pro Super Shaper at opposite lower corners and gently pull the tray and lid apart from one corner. Separate tray and lid one side at a time. To replace the lower tray, simply click-fit together with the lid.


Be sure to regularly clean by brushing the blade with a spoolie brush to wipe away any shavings.

HD #BrowBoss tip

Now that the Pro Super Shaper is much quicker to use, I recommend sharpening your Pro Pencil before every single use to get the finest tip possible. 
- Jamie, Lead HD Brows Stylist



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