Tinting Policy

HD Brows® Tinting Policy Update

As a responsible user and retailer of tinting products, we regularly consult with our manufacturers to ensure that our training adheres to their guidelines. This is to protect the safety of your clients, as well as your business as a HD Brows® Stylist.

Our manufacturer has recently updated their guidelines of use for the HD Brow Dyes, these changes include avoiding use of our Brow Dyes on certain groups of people:

  • Clients under 16 years of age
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding clients

As a company, with the best interests of our clients and Stylists at the top of our agenda, we have therefore updated our tinting policy to match that of our manufacturers, ensuring the safe practice of our treatments.

In effect from the 2nd May 2017, our tinting policy is that clients under the age of 16, and clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not be tinted as part of the HD brows treatment. All other parts of the HD Brows treatment can be completed, we just advise to skip the tinting stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to turn my clients away if they are currently pregnant/ breastfeeding or under 16 years old?

No, you can still offer HD Brows to these clients but you will just miss out the tinting part of the treatment.

My client is pregnant/ breastfeeding/ under 16 but still really wants the tint, can I still tint them if I have consent?

No, you are the professional in this situation and you’re trained to know best, so you cannot go against manufacturer’s guidelines, even with consent. Remember this is for their safety, your clients trust in you and your training – don’t take the risk. You can always teach them how to use the Brow Colourfix to recreate that freshly tinted look at home, without the risk.

Do I still have to patch test these clients?

No, although this is a mandatory step in your usual HD Brows treatments, you do not have to patch test any client that will not be tinted during their appointment.

Should I discount the treatment for these clients?

There is no need to formally reduce the price of HD Brows (from the RRP £25.00) for these clients. This is because you will still take the same amount of time to complete the treatment, as you’re likely to spend more time finishing the brows than usual, while you recreate that freshly tinted look using the HD Brow Make Up.

Some of my clients have said they’ll go elsewhere for treatments because of this update, what should I do?

All certified HD Brows Stylists will be aware of this update and are obligated to follow it from the 2nd May 2017, so you shouldn’t face any unfair competition as a result of this update. In the end, this update is for the safety of your clients and following it even at the risk of losing clients just proves how much you care for their wellbeing – loyal clients will respect that.

My insurers have said it’s fine to tint these clients, what should I do?

In our experience, should an adverse reaction occur after the treatment, insurers always refer the Stylist back to their manufacturers guidelines – we would then refer you to this policy and if it hasn’t been followed, you may be found liable. As such, we recommend that you follow this policy for your HD Brows treatments.

Does this affect the other tinting services that I offer?

We have been advised that similar guidelines are in place amongst most tints and dyes in the market, however, this policy is only for your HD Brows treatments. You must check with your individual product suppliers if you use other branded products for your other treatment services.

Will this update apply forever?

We are continuously working on improving our services and products. If this policy or our tint products change in the future, we will update you all promptly.

Will we receive updated course literature including this new information?

No, since these are the only updates it is unnecessary for your Pre-Read and Training Manuals to be replaced. However, feel free to make a note in your manuals for your future reference.

How has this update been communicated to Stylists?

We have announced these updates on the HD Brows Stylist Collective, sent an email to all Account Holders, and added this policy to the footer of our website for the next 12 months. Additionally, our training literature and support materials for the treatment (such as Client Record Cards) have been updated to reflect these updates.

Can I share this communication with my clients?

Of course, you can inform your clients and refer them to our official policy update on our website too. We’re also happy to take any questions from your customers regarding this matter, simply direct them to call us or message us on our official Facebook page.