Wrong Eyebrow Colour

Your brow dilemmas, solved.

Struggling to regrow overplucked arches or just can’t tame your bushy brows? Are you looking for the perfect brow product for you or need to know how to recreate the latest trends? We have a solution to any eyebrow dilemma you may have.


I have the wrong brow colour

Achieving the right eyebrow colour is crucial to looking and feeling yourself. Are your brows just too dark and you’re not quite sure how to get them back to a better colour for you? Or are your brows too light with a barely-there feel and you want to go darker? We have the solutions to your eyebrow colour dilemmas.


Can I change my eyebrow colour?

Getting your brows tinted is the easiest way to achieve your perfect colour. Eyebrow tinting isn’t just for taking your brows darker; you could keep the depth of colour the same and simply add some warmth and cool tones, or even take them lighter.

When you visit an HD Brows stylist, they will create a custom-colour blend to ensure they create a shade, tone and finish that suits you perfectly. If you visit a pro or master trained stylist, they will be able to perform a HD Brows Lightening treatment, which is perfect if you want to go lighter or add those on-trend grey and ashy tones.

Your prescription

To maintain these results for as long as possible, we recommend the Tint Lock Serum. Packed with a cuticle interlock system and amino acid action, this product helps to rebuild hair structure so that it can hold in colour for longer.

Our full range of brow products come in 6 shades, so you can be sure there’s a shade and formula to suit you. Head to our find your brow finish pages to find your perfect product and shade match. Why not try the Brow Colourfix? This tinted gel coats the hairs in colour for a fuller appearance and sets them in place.

Doctor's orders

“There’s no such thing as a right or wrong eyebrow colour. In fact, my brows are actually slightly different colours and I totally embrace it. However, our stylists are able to custom blend a tint colour that’s bespoke to you, so be sure to be super descriptive and maybe even show some inspiration of the colour you’d like.”

Jamie Long, Lead Brow Stylist


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If your brows are too dark, look on our Salon Finder for one of our pro or master stylists. Trained to an advanced level, our pro and master stylists will be able to lighten your brows gradually to better suit you, your brows and your skin tone. Definition in a softer way can be much more flattering for you, darker is definitely not always better

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Eyebrow colour FAQs

When it comes to choosing a colour to tint your eyebrows it’s not as easy as blonde, brown, auburn or black. With varying shades and undertones to take into consideration, we’d always recommend paying a visit to your HD Brows stylist. They are trained in colour theory to ensure they blend a custom colour just for you.

Firstly, breathe. An eyebrow tint isn’t permanent and can be resolved, so try not to panic. Always contact the professional that carried out the treatment, as they would generally always be happy to help resolve the issue.

Had an at-home mishaps and can’t make it to a salon to rectify? Try using a gentle shampoo or cleanser on the brows (avoiding the eyes) to soften the colour. If the pigment is on the skin, you could try using an oil or silicone based make up remover to help fade this.

It all depends on the brand of eyebrow tint that has been used, so check this with your brow technician or the manufacturer. For example, HD Brows Brow Dye holds for up to 5 weeks (depending on your skin type, skincare regime, etc).

Absolutely – you can go anything from one shade lighter to a totally bleached brow look. This is an advanced brow tinting method so you’d need to search for an HD Brows pro or master stylist to carry out this treatment.

Just like your hair colour, the colour you choose to rock on your brows is personal preference. If you want to make them match, go for it, but there’s also nothing wrong with a dark brow and lighter hair. There are no set rules, so chat to your brow stylist about the colour you wish to achieve.