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Heard of Sophia Hadjipanteli? If not, heard to her Instagram… now. @sophiahadjipanteli.

Model and bushy browed beauty Sophia is raising brows and raising awareness of what could be the next big brow trend; the monobrow. She’s created a movement (the #unibrowmovement) in a bid to stand against beauty standards. She doesn’t wax or tweeze her brows as she chooses to embrace her natural beauty and believes others should too.

Sophia isn’t your average Instagram model. She now has a whopping 300k instagram followers however she recently spoke to Good Morning Britain about the vast amount of negativity she receives online, she’s even received death threats due to the way she looks.

Image: @sophiahadjipanteli.

Sophia isn’t the only one defying the feminine beauty ‘ideals’ with people around the world joining the #unibrowmovement and sharing their love for their hair online.

Although a more subtle monobrow look, internationally renowned model and art student Scarlett Costello has spoken out about embracing the way her eyebrows naturally look and the comments she’s received because of this. Scarlett’s received a huge amount of love for her style and her ethos, taking inspiration from Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, however has also received negativity and even been referred to as an ‘ogre’ due to her unique look.

Image: @scarlettcostello.

Our recent campaign, Love Yourself More is all about celebrating YOU and embracing yourself, the way you look, the way you feel, the way you are (you can even get involved and feature in our latest campaign, discover more here.) With this said, we take our hats off to Sophia in breaking down the typical beauty stereotypes and embracing her bountiful brows, we say; if she loves the way she looks, why should she have to change to fit in with others perceptions of what beauty is?

However, this bold brow look may not be for everyone. Our Lead Brow Stylist Jamie put this talked-about-trend to the ultimate test taking a few brave HD Brows team members brows from two to one to find out if they’d ever wear this look. See the results below.

HD Brows Lead Brow Stylist Jamie’s monobrow musings: “This look is definitely for the brave, however I love that Sophia is embracing her unique individuality. You go girl!”

HD Brows Elite Brow Trainer Harriet’s monobrow musings: “I usually wear my brows brushed up and undone so I’m personally a big fan of Sophia’s bold look.”

HD Brows Leeds Academy Team Leader Monique’s monobrow musings: “I’m a fan of a more defined shape and I don’t think I’ll be wearing this look any time soon however if this becomes the next big Brow trend, my naturally bushy brows would be able to achieve it in no time.”

We know big and bushy brows are on trend, it’s been the case ever since Cara Delevingne first hit the catwalk. We’ve already seen the monobrow take centre stage at fashion week with the statement uni-brow look featured on models in the 2018 Gucci Fall show. Could the big brow trend become even bigger (literally)?

We believe your brows should be tailored (or not) to suit you, your style, your tones and your personality. Our HD Brows stylists will always be on hand to offer their expert advice as to what shapes and styles will flatter your natural beauty however ultimate, finding your perfect brow finish, is exactly that, YOUR brow finish, your choice, and we’re on board with that.

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