Embracing the airbrush: the latest professional beauty treatment

After airbrush brows treatment

The latest brow trend that is quickly gaining momentum across social media is airbrush brows. Airbrush brows are exactly as they sound; it involves the use of an airbrush device to apply hybrid tint to dye the brows and stain the skin with a flawless finish.  

Let's delve into what this innovative treatment entails, who it caters to and the results it can achieve. 

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What is airbrush brow tinting? 

Airbrush brow tinting is a revolutionary beauty treatment that utilises an airbrush machine and a stencil to apply hybrid brow tints. Unlike traditional methods that involve manual application with a brush, airbrushing offers precision and control, resulting in impeccably defined and crisp brows. 

The process begins with applying a stencil guide to the client’s brow. Once the stencil is secured in place, the hybrid tint solution is loaded into the airbrush machine. The brow stylist then delicately sprays the tint through the stencil onto the client's brows. It’s best to apply thin layers and allow them to dry to ensure even coverage and seamless blending. 

This application technique uses a professional hybrid brow tint. This means you can expect up to two weeks skin staining and up to six weeks of brow colour. 

The airbrush brows look 

The signature look of airbrush brow tinting is the defined style you’d expect from a hybrid brows treatment with an even more crisp, clean finish. The stencil allows the artist to create ultra-defined edges for a super sharp baseline. 

Depending on the brand of hybrid tint your brow stylist uses, hybrid tints can often be mixed together to create a custom shade that works perfectly for you. 

Whilst the bold, defined look might not be for everyone, these statement brows can beautifully accentuate your eyes and complement your facial features.  

Who can get airbrush brows? 

Airbrush brow tinting is suitable anyone who want to achieve a bold, defined brow look. For those who spend ages grooming, filling in and perfecting their brows everyday, this treatment could be a great option to help streamline your morning routine. 

It can be ideal for those with sparse brows as the skin staining benefits help to create a fuller looking brow. 

Those with oily skin or who regularly use anti-ageing or exfoliating skincare may find that the skin-staining benefits don’t last quite as long, but you can still give it a try. 

Airbrush brows aftercare  

The aftercare advice for an airbrush brows treatment is exactly the same as the advice in a hybrid brows treatment. For full aftercare details, check out our ultimate guide to hybrid brows

The help maintain healthy brows and prolong the wear of brow tint, you can apply the Brow Miracle Daily Conditioner twice daily. 

Whether you're a beauty aficionado who just has to try out the latest trends or someone looking to step up your brow game, embracing the airbrush trend is sure to leave you feeling empowered with bold, beautiful brows.