The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Brows

The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Brows

There’s a new trend that’s taking the world of brows by storm. Enter hybrid brows - a revolutionary tinting technique that dyes both the brow hair and the skin for a defined, long-lasting look. 

Here's everything you need to know about hybrid brows treatments. 

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What are hybrid brows? 

Hybrid eyebrows involves using a special hybrid tint to dye the brow hairs and stain the skin within the brow. This creates a defined, structured look and can help brows appear fuller. The skin staining creates a depth for a finish similar to a powder brow. 

How long do hybrid brows last? 

On average, hybrid brow tint lasts up to 6 weeks on the brow hairs and 2 – 3 weeks for skin staining. However, this will vary depending on many factors, including the brand of dye used, skin type, hair type and skincare routine. 

Hybrid brow dyes 

Most hybrid brow tint product ranges come in a variety of shades and some can be mixed to create a custom colour, so the treatment can be suitable for all hair colours. 

Generally, hybrid brow dyes offer the skin staining benefits of henna dyes in a henna free formula. Black henna, which can be found in some henna dyes, is a common allergen. The henna free benefits of many hybrid brow tints also allow them to be used as part of a brow lamination treatment too.  

Of course, if you do have a henna allergy, always let your stylist know prior to treatment and check they are using henna free formulas.  

Who are hybrid brows suitable for? 

Hybrid brows treatments are suitable for everyone. However, those with very oily skin may find that the skin staining does not last quite as long on them.  

It’s ideal for those looking to fill in sparse gaps within the brow and love a stronger, defined brow style. 

What to do before a hybrid brows treatment 

Here’s how to prepare for a hybrid brows treatment. 

  • If it’s your first treatment, your stylist may require that you carry out a patch test 48 hours prior 
  • Avoid applying any fake tan products (this includes gradual tanners and bronzing drops) for three days either side of your treatment
  • If your hybrid brows treatment also includes hair removal, avoid using exfoliating products (both acids and scrubs), retinols and other strong active-based skincare for three days either side of your treatment  

Hybrid brows aftercare

After your hybrid brows treatment, follow these guidelines to help make the most of the results: 

  • Avoid rubbing the area for 24 hours after treatment  
  • Avoid the use of saunas, sunbeds, swimming pools and steam rooms for 48 hours after treatment 
  • Do not apply fake tan or use exfoliating /anti-ageing skincare for three days post treatment 
  • The use of oil-based cleansers may cause the tint to fade faster 
  • Always follow the guidance of your brow stylist 

Hybrid brows are a great way to achieve a structured, defined look with a powder brow finish that allows you to save time on your daily makeup routine. The skin staining benefits can help to fill in sparse areas for a fuller looking brow.  

We love that hybrid brows and baby brow lamination are trending at the same time, giving two very different options to cater for different brow preferences.  

If you’re a beauty professional looking to train in hybrid brows, keep your eyes peeled over the coming months...