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Here at HD Brows, we’re on a mission to spread self-love and celebrate beauty in all its forms. That’s why we’ve launched our brand new positivity campaign, Love Yourself. More. Not only have we vowed not to retouch any of the images from the photoshoot, we want everyone to get involved and join the #HDSelfLoveClub. Let’s get to know our founding members a little better.

What does beauty mean to you?

Coral: “Being confident and happy in the skin that you’re in.”

Savanna: “Self-love, confidence and taking care of yourself. It means so many different things to so many different people. It’s important to know what it means to you and to be confident in yourself.”

Sarai: “Being happy inside and out and not worrying about society’s opinion.”

Jamie: “Being confident in your own skin and embracing your individuality.”

Regina: “The older I get I realise that beauty has a lot to do with the inner energy. You have to really take care of your inner peace and your self-esteem.”

Penelope: “Being yourself and embracing yourself and knowing that you’re unique.”

What’s your secret to confidence?

Coral: “To not compare yourself with other people.”

Savanna: “Taking time for yourself to know your attributes and your flaws alike and work on the bits that aren’t so good but really take in what is.”

Sarai: “To not compare myself with anyone else, be myself and be happy with my own features because you’re never going to be anyone else.”

Jamie: “Believing in yourself. Be your own no.1 fan, that always helps! And finally surrounding yourself with positivity.”

Penelope: “Prioritising what I think of myself rather than what others think of me. Although it might not be easy to think positively of yourself, I find it helps to have positive people around you to help boost you.”

Let’s spread a little self-love. What’s your favourite feature?

Savanna: “Definitely my mind, because beauty fades. My mind is my most beautiful feature for me because it will be there forever.”

Sarai: “My eyes. I have Heterochromia so I have one green eye, one brown eye. My Mum has green eyes and my Dad has brown, so I feel like I have a part of both of them in me.”

Jamie: “My favourite feature would have to be my hair, just because it’s versatile. I get to wear it in so many different styles. I can create different looks depending on what mood I’m in that day.”

Regina: “One of my favourite features are my eyes – you can really talk with your eyes. Another favourite feature of mine is my courage; I’m a fighter. “

If you could only use one make up product for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Coral: “Red lipstick, just because you can wear nothing else and a red lip and look great.”

Savanna: “Your eyes are the window to your soul so I think mascara as it really enhances everything.”

Sarai: “It would have to be mascara just because it brings out your eyes. Without it, I’m just not me.”

Regina: “Mascara, as I think eyes are very important and I’m very proud of my green eyes.”

Penelope: “I would use an eyebrow pencil because, for me, I can’t leave the house without having my eyebrows done.”

Want to get involved and join the club? Send us a photo and what you love about yourself and we’ll create an exclusive social media graphic so that you can help spread the message of self-love. Find out more here.