HD Brows Lightening treatment model

HD Brows Lightening Treatment Aftercare

HD Brows Lightening is an incredibly versatile treatment that creates a variety of looks offered exclusively by our HD Brows Colour Experts. From achieving a lighter tone to getting the on-trend ombre brow look, and even covering grey hairs, it allows your stylist to take bespoke tinting to a whole new level. As the lightening is a chemical process, it’s crucial that you follow the correct aftercare to maintain that fresh brow feeling and keep your hairs in tip top condition.

How to look after brows in the first 24/48 hours after a brow lightening treatment?

As part of your HD Brows Lightening aftercare, we recommend avoiding the following

  • Touching or rubbing the treated area for 24 hours
  • Contact with direct sunlight, and the use of saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools for 48 hours.

In the three days leading up to and following your HD Brows Lightening treatment, we also recommend avoiding:

  • Exfoliating (both acid exfoliators and scrubs) and anti-ageing products around the treated area
  • Using sun beds and fake tanning products (including gradual tanners) on the face

After these time frames, feel free to carry on as normal. You can always contact your HD Brows Colour Expert if you have any questions.

Is brow lightening safe?

Yes, brow lightening is a completely safe treatment when carried out by a brow professional. This is a chemical bleaching treatment that can very easily go wrong when carried out at home – think orange brows and damaged hairs. HD Brows Colour Experts are not only trained in brow tinting, but they have taken their colour knowledge to the next level to be able to carry out this advanced treatment.

What do you put on eyebrows after brow lightening?

Following a brow lightening or bleaching treatment, you should use a brow conditioning serum, such as the Brow Miracle Daily Conditioner twice daily. You wouldn't bleach your hair and then wash without conditioner, so it’s exactly the same for your brow hairs. If your brows are dry and damaged, or you just want to keep them ultra-healthy and glossy, we recommend using the SOS Rescue Brow Balm as an intensive overnight treatment 2-3 times per week.

What should I not do after HD Brows Lightening?

The key points to remember after an HD Brows Lightening treatment are:

Do not use saunas, steam-rooms and swimming pools for 48 hours after your treatment

Remember to keep up your aftercare by applying the recommended products daily

Do not use sunbeds or apply exfoliators, anti-ageing skincare or tanning products around the brows for three days after your treatment