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What will these HD Brows products mean for nail technicians?

For existing High Definition Stylists and Stockists, this means that they can offer a new service into their salon. When we first started with brows, many of the Stylists were exclusively nail technicians who wanted to be able to offer a different service to their clients and came to us for training. Now we are finding that our Stylists who offer exclusive brow treatments want to offer their clients nails.

For those salons not working with us already, this is the perfect way to bring a recognised brand to their salon. For those already working with another nail supplier, they simply need to attend our Conversion Course to become affiliated with High Definition – drawing on our instantly recognisable brand and taking advantage of our nationwide marketing. I don’t see the launch as competition to the market, I see High Definition Nails as an addition. Over 25 years I have used fabulous systems such as CND, OPI and Gelish to name a few, and the High Definition Nail system will be a great addition to nail salons.

My High Definition students have been asking for years for us to add more beauty ranges and treatments under the High Definition brand name to enable they can train with us to offer more treatments, so it’s great to finally introduce our nail system to the salon industry.

How will clients benefit?

Hopefully the same way they did with our brow treatment. Clients will receive a precise nail therapy and luxury experience. Each treatment will be delivered at the highest level of quality, consistently by all of our therapists.

The main USP of the High Definition Nails system is that each therapist will follow a procedure for every treatment, with every therapist quality controlled by us.

I am so specific with the systems and methods I use, and ensure all of my Nail Therapists at our Beauty Boutiques do everything in uniform and to the highest standards. Often, our clients comment on the neatness of the treatment – appreciating the condition of the nail and returning constantly as they receive the perfect treatment. This is how High Definition Brows started, as people wanted to learn my method.

Our nail treatments have the same premise and analyse every area of the hand or foot – the shape of the nail, the characteristics of the hand or foot, the cuticle area, to name just a few. I’m teaching our students to create the optimum style that compliments the client – always looking for that symmetry to make the whole area look it’s best, not just the nail.

Nail health is so important, and clients are more concerned than ever about the condition of the nail, which is why our treatments are all built on this.

I’ve created what we call a ‘Nacial™’ – basically a facial for the nail. Prepping and priming the nails so everything applied afterwards – nail polish, gels or acrylics, are built onto the perfect foundation. This not only helps the product last longer, but it makes the nail and surrounding area look flawless.

This is delivered as part of the High Definition range of nail treatments. Following the prep of the nail, we deliver a mild exfoliation of the nail to remove any embedded dirt, which could be causing discolouration, and then smoothing the nail without losing any layers. We then prescribe serums, which nourish and revitalise the nail and surrounding skin. This is perfect for those with over processed nails, or those clients who bite their nails, or are on medication making their nails weaker.

We find that our male clients love the nail scrub as it leaves their hands and nails looking clean and tidy, without being too ‘done’.

What HD Brows marketing support is there?

In salon displays will be delivered at the same time as the training, so our newly qualified Nail Therapists will be able to display their branded materials as soon as they pass the course.

Our salon partners can benefit from joining a well-known, respected and recognised brand, and will be featured on our online Salon Finder – giving them access to thousands of clients per day looking for beauty therapists.

Will there be seasonal HD Brows nail product launches?

While we always keep an eye on new and emerging trends, we are not focused on following the latest trends. Our ‘perfecting beauty’ commitment means that we offer beautiful, classic shapes and shades, and we work with our clients and Stylists feedback. As more colours are requested we will endeavour to launch to suit demand, but these will be carefully selected each season.

I have what I call a ‘French’ attitude when it comes to colours and styles. This doesn’t mean it has to be a naked, natural nail, I just take a classic view to beauty. Enhancing what is already there and adding to it subtly, so everything works in sync.

What products/shades do you predict will be most popular? 

The Nail Reviver is proving to be a popular product and will be one of our hero products for retailing. It’s packed with nourishing ingredients including Pro Vitamin B5 for strengthening the nail and providing deep moisture, as well as Colloidal Gold which combats the drying and splitting of nails and cuticles, and naturally promotes healthy nail growth. Vitamin E protects the nail from environmental stress, while the Hydrolysed Keratin revitalises the nails’ natural protective layer, rebuilding strength, returning elasticity and reducing breakage. It’s a must have product for nail health. This is a great product for those people with over processed nails. It can be used on bare nails as well as over gels every evening to promote healthy nails and encourage growth.

The gel range is also proving popular due to its long lasting properties and it’s range of classic colours. The ‘Pearl Nude’ is a beautiful shade that suits everyone and is the most popular. And the ‘Nilam Red’ – the colour created by me for me!

As someone who is very classic with colour, nail art doesn’t feature heavily in this range. I love bold colours on others, but not myself, which is why I only ever wear one shade of red. Before we officially named the range, my team referred to it as Nilam Red and the name just stuck! The only other colour I like to wear is a nude, which I’m currently developing to be the perfect hue for darker skin tones, so watch out for Nilam Nude coming soon (not literally).

How are HD Brows nail products developed?

In product development for over 18 months, I worked with nail therapist, educator and industry expert, Sharon Baker, to create the perfect launch collection.

“Having worked in the industry for over 15 years, and nails being my passion, it was really exciting to work with Nilam on the nail launch. I have worked with and alongside Nilam for many years and we share a passion in that our work has to be “just right”, often being described as perfectionists, so it was great to work together on creating a range that was perfect! As a salon owner and working with great talent such Amanda Holden, Nicole Scherzinger, Little Mix and Rita Ora, I know what clients are looking for and the quality they expect. Our range not only delivers this, but the way in which it is delivered as the branded High Definition treatment gives clients an experience they want again and again.” Sharon Baker.

We spent time in the laboratories and found the best high-end manufacturers to develop the range. The development took longer than anticipated, as we wanted to ensure we found the right partnerships, to be able to deliver the best results.

We also worked with regular clients, taking their feedback on which colours were the most popular. A large selection of colours were created, before narrowing them down with client input to offer a capsule, must-have launch range. Colours will be added each season, which can be mixed and layered to create bespoke or additional colours as required.

Do you want to offer our bespoke High Definition Nails treatments? Our booking lines are now open for our first High Definition Nails Courses in September, October and November. Due to an overwhelming demand from our waiting list, we only have a limited number of spaces left for our Natural Nails, Gel Nails and Conversion Courses – available in both Milton Keynes and Manchester.

If you’re interested in joining us and expanding your skill range – give us a call on 0844 801 32 50 or find out more here.

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